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Fall 2015 - Spring 2016


Winning Teams - Fall 2015

Melody of Happiness

Birzeit University - Palestine

Melody of Happiness is a community initiative that has been created by a group of Birzeit University students. Then initiative focuses on establishing a music center in the village of Safa and surrounding neighborhoods, the center provides an opportunity for around 40 thousand kids in the village to learn music. The reason behind this initiative was the lack in music education centers in these villages that have up to seventy thousand populations. The initiative aims to raise the level of musical culture among the younger generation and to create the opportunity to discover and support talented musician environment.


Canadian University of Dubai - UAE

Efhamni is a social enterprise whose aim is to strengthen the Emirati community by teaching every person in the country Emirati sign language (ESL). We believe that by teaching everyone ESL, we will be able to break the barrier that has been placed between deaf and hearing people, and we will be making a vital contribution to the creation of a more inclusive society.

Autism Silent Energy

Palestine Polytechnic University - Palestine

Autism Silent Energy aims to raise awareness on autism. This is done through promoting such awareness on radio stations, talk shows, press releases, and at university and school guest lectures and such. Additionally, the project increases awareness through social media, flyers, and brochures and by displaying a PSA video on public television screens.

Winning Teams - Spring 2016

We All One

Princess Nourah University - Saudi Arabia

For children with cancer, maintaining a positive attitude is a key aspect of maintaining a high quality of life and can be an important factor in recovery. We All One aims to draw a smile back on these children’s faces.

Stay Young

Palestine Polytechnic University - Palestine

Stay Young encouraged people to play sports by providing easy access to sports equipment.

Goodness Waves to Other

Modern University College - Palestine

Goodness Waves to Other helps children with special needs become more engaged with the society through developing their skills and knowledge, in addition to improving the environment around the special needs center.


Thanaweyya 116 High School - Saudi Arabia

Theekhar raises community awareness of the dangers of taking on debt and the consequences in the short and long term. Theekhar also encourages students to save and helps them to realize the importance of being smart with their money.