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Sheikh Khaled Bin Zayed Al Nehayan

Letter from the Chairman

INJAZ Al-Arab acts as a critical gateway that connects youth to successful and impactful futures, demonstrating that economic empowerment is possible for MENA youth. The innovative programming and initiatives of the organization, along with its continued expansion, work to fulfill this goal.

I am incredibly proud to serve as the Chairman of the Regional Board of Directors and to witness the development of INJAZ. More importantly, I feel an incredible amount of excitement to watch the journeys of thousands of MENA youth each year as INJAZ programs motivate them to engage with the private sector.

The largest number of youth is transitioning to adulthood in the MENA region’s history and this generation is facing high unemployment, along with regional turmoil. There is an enormous need for change, and these statistics highlight the importance of INJAZ and our work. We are part of a critical movement to empower young people, bolster youth employment, and address the systematic challenges that prevent successful development. Arab youth have the vision and dedication to shape the future – INJAZ provides them with the tools and opportunities to do so. The ongoing work of INJAZ links youth, governments, and the private sector to ensure that youth economic progress remains a top regional priority.

In the past year, we reached over 265,000 students, adding to the over two million Arab youth who have benefitted from INJAZ programs since our start. More than 8098 volunteers from the private sector donated their valuable time and expertise to our initiatives for financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship. Our continued growth in engagement illustrates regional respect of INJAZ’s effectiveness.

I would like to thank our invaluable supporters; funding organizations, private sector partners and volunteers, our member nation network, and both our regional and national Board of Directors, for contributing their time, energy, and resources to help make a difference in the future of MENA youth. This report provides the inspirational story of our journey over 2016 – work that could not be accomplished with you. I look forward to see what INJAZ Al-Arab will do over the coming year to impact the MENA region, the economy, and most importantly Arab youth. Thank you for your continued support in this important mission.



H.E. Sheikh Khaled Bin Zayed Al Nehayan